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The Mitchell Acoustics Research line of loudspeakers comprises several distinct product families, each tailored to a defined range of applications. Common to all of our designs is a set of design principles known as Coincident Aligned Transducers TM. Encompassing every aspect of loudspeaker design - including transducers, horn design, device placement, and crossover topology - this concept results in a multi-way loudspeaker that behaves as a single full-range radiator rather than as multiple discrete sources.

Our products are widely acknowledged to excel in transient response, uniformity of response over their coverage area, and controlled directivity.

Note: We now provide data on all new products, as well as on selected existing ones, in the Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF) form. Where this data is available for a product, there is a link to the file at the bottom of the page for that product. A free CLF file reader is available at . Just download the "End User Kit."

This family of loudspeakers utilizes a two way direct radiator combination consisting of an 8" woofer and a coaxially positioned 1" dome tweeter. Applications include nearfield monitoring, presentation systems, and high-quality distributed systems.
This versatile product family is based on a horn loaded two way system comprising an 8" cone driver and a coaxially positioned high frequency unit. Applications include churches, auditoriums hotel ballrooms, and convention halls. The CAT 40 also finds use in corporate theater and monitoring applications. Included in the CAT 40 family are a three way version (CAT 46). A single 12" subwoofer rounds out this product family.
The newest members of the CAT 40 family are the CAT 499 and CF499. Derived from the CAT 40 series, the CAT 400 product family members incorporate an upgraded 1.75" voice coil compression driver and a conic-directivity HF horn. Sensitivity and power handling are substantially higher, and high frequency beamwidth is broader.
Compact, high output, arrayable. The CAT 50 family provides high-fi quality sound and unmatched directional behavior in a sound reinforcement loudspeaker family. Available in 90 x 40 (CAT 59) and 60 x 40 (CAT 56) directivities, and now in higher-output variants, the CAT 564 and CAT 594. Two package-compatible low frequency devices - the F2520 with 2 12" transducers, and the F2510 with a single 18 - are also available.
The CAT 599 provides the CAT 50 family attributes in a lower-Q device with conic directivity. Also available as a floor monitor - the M599 - the CAT 599 is a versatile addition to the family.
CAT 50 family members are also available in a higher-output format, the CAT 564 and CAT 594. Utilizing the same horns and enclosures as the CAT 56  and CAT 59, these uprated units incorporate a 3" voice coil HF driver for increased sensitivity and power handling, while retaining all the directivity and  packaging attributes of the original members of this popular product family.
The CAT 60 family members offer self-contained full range sound in compact enclosures. Used as cinema screen speakers, studio monitors, and sound reinforcement speakers, the CAT 66 and CAT 69 are thoroughly proven world-class performers.

CATTM 70 A Series

When the acoustic environment is hostile, the CAT 70 family offers superior solutions. With nominal directivity to 350 Hz, these large-format two way horn systems can tame the worst reverberation. Recently upgraded to larger HF drivers, the CAT 70 configuration is available in 60 x 40 (CAT 76A) and 90 x 40 (CAT 79A) directivities.

CATTM 2x7 Dual Coincident Array

When employing direct radiating array loudspeakers ("line arrays"), the conscientious sound system designer has previously been forced to accept several highly unattractive compromises in electroacoustic performance. The CAT 2 x 7 Dual Coincident Array loudspeaker changes everything.


Note: the following files are updated from time to time to reflect new and/or revised products. The revision date of the current file is shown in parentheses. If you last downloaded that file prior to the date shown, please download the newer one and replace prior versions.

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The phrase Coincident Aligned Transducers and CAT are trademarks of Frazier Loudspeakers. Frazier has made and continues to make every effort to insure the accuracy of all product data we provide. However, all drawings, simulation data, and specifications are provided for informational purposes only. Frazier assumes no liability for any errors. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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