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CAT 200


The CAT 200 is a compact two way direct-radiating loudspeaker system designed for applications that place high demands on sonic integrity in a small package. Its bandwidth, acoustic output capacity, flat response over a wide angular range, and vivid transient response of the CAT 200 make it ideal for use in recording studios, home theaters, corporate and institutional presentation systems, and commercial cinema surround speakers.

The CAT 200 is a two way system comprising a 6 woofer in a ported enclosure and a coaxially-positioned dome tweeter. Our proprietary Coincident Aligned Transducers technology has been applied to every element of the CAT 200 design. The design of the enclosure grille acoustics, combined with the carefully-engineered characteristics of the transducers and passive crossover network, produce amplitude response that is flat on axis and remains so all the way to 50 degrees off axis.


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