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The CAT 70 family members offer optimal solutions for the most reverberant of acoustic environments. With nominal directivity to 350 Hz and useful control down to their lower cutoff frequency of 120 Hz, the CAT 76 (60 x 40 degrees) and CAT 79 (90 x 40 degrees) offer the best available solutions for sound systems in difficult venues. The CAT 76A and CAT 79A feature a new HF driver along with increased sensitivity and power handling.

Low frequency extension for the CAT 70 family is provided by the F2610.



bulletSports Arenas
bulletLarge Churches

CAT 76A data sheet (.pdf format; 01/09/2003)

CAT 79A data sheet (.pdf format; 01/09/2003)

F2610 data sheet (pdf format; 06/09/1999)

CAT76 EASE data (07/16/2007)

CAT76 CLF Data(07/16/2007)


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