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CAT 2 x 7 Dual Array

The result of a novel approach to the design of a linear array with controlled directivity, the CAT 2 x 7 has a response characteristic that is completely free of anomalies over its entire 90 x 30 coverage area, along with well-controlled attenuation within and beyond those angles. The performance attributes of the CAT 2 x 7 are maintained as much as two octaves higher than with competitive devices.

The CAT 2 x 7 comprises two arrays, each in turn consisting of seven radiating elements. Within each array, position- and frequency- dependent filtering have been engineered to optimize on and off axis performance. As with all our other products, Coincident Aligned TransducersTM technology has been employed to produce a system that performs as a single, well-behaved device.

The combination of CAT technology with new transducers and a proprietary filtering scheme has an additional benefit: the far field of the CAT 2 x 7 begins at a much shorter distance than with a conventional "line array."

One more vitally important element that sets the CAT 2x7 apart from every other "line array" device on the market is comprehensive performance data collected by an independent lab. The CLF and EASE data linked on this page were all collected and compiled by ETC, Inc., an independent testing lab. None of the data can be edited or altered in any way by an outside entity,  including anyone here. Mitchell Acoustics Research leads the industry in bringing you certified product performance.

The CAT 2 x 7 is getting rave reviews from the field. Customer feedback includes positive remarks regarding fidelity, intelligibility, gain before feedback, and ease of use. If your sound system designs employ small line arrays, you owe it to yourself to investigate the Mitchell Acoustics Research CAT 2 x 7. There is nothing else like it available.

CAT2x7 CLF Data

Cat2x7_EASE data ( 07/16/2007)

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