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Cat 59 with in available white finish. The standard cloth grille was removed to show detail.


            c56out.jpg (96279 bytes) 
CAT 56 outdoor version

 The CAT 50 family offers high output, unsurpassed uniformity of directional performance, and acoustic transparency in compact, arrayable packages. Available directivities are 90 x 50 (CAT 59, CAT 594) and 60 x 50 (CAT 56, CAT 564). Complementary low frequency systems include F2520 and F2510, available in separate enclosures or in the same housing with the CAT 50 mid-high system.


bulletHouses of Worship
bulletPerforming Arts Theaters
bulletSports Arenas
bulletConvention Halls

Available Options

bulletSuspension systems - threaded rod internal links with pan fittings or rod extensions
bulletLow frequency systems  - F2510 single 18" sealed system extends LF bandwidth to 30 Hz (with equalization)
bulletThree way systems - the CAT 56 and CAT 59 may be combined in a single double-height enclosure with the above low frequency system.

CAT 59 data sheet (.pdf format)

CAT 56 data sheet (.pdf format)

F2510 data sheet (.pdf format)

CLF data for the CAT 59(03/06/2006)

EASE data for CAT 59(7/16/2007)


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