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Our loudspeakers have solved some of the most difficult acoustic problems while meeting clients' aesthetic requirements. Here are a few examples. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image. 

  ASC Dining Hall.jpg (257540 bytes)                                            

 ASC Dining Hall, Agnes Scott College Design by Waveguide, Inc.


stvncnts.jpg (125932 bytes)

St. Vincent's Basilica, Latrobe, PA  Design/Installation by CZ Sound (, Pittsburgh, PA


lndtg.jpg (490923 bytes)                                                

Saxon Landtag, Dresden, Germany  by AVM and Volker L÷wer 


stgsnd1.jpg (68333 bytes)

Heritage Methodist Church, Lynchburg, VA

Design by  Tom Wheeler, Installation by Stage Sound


shirk1.jpg (40270 bytes)                                          

Trinity Lutheran Church, Robesonia, PA Design/Installation by Shirk Audio


dcdome.jpg (246468 bytes)

Daimler-Chrysler Dome, Stuttgart Design by AVM-IRP


lndtgmnc.jpg (45825 bytes)                                          

Bavarian Landtag, Munich, Germany

Design by AVM-IRP


paradise.jpg (419311 bytes)

Paradise Mennonite Church

Design and Installation by Shirk Audio  

aa.jpg (17390 bytes)

High School Stadium, North Carolina

Design/Installation by Com-Tech

CAT 2x7 system

St Michael Catholic Church

Design/Installation by Buddy Ward, TWS Sound



CAT 69 "exploded cluster"

St. Thomas A' Beckett

Design/Installation by CZ Sound


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