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Mitchell Acoustics Research recognizes that not every possible combination of transducers and/or horns will produce acceptable performance. In fact, the combinations that do work satisfactorily constitute a small minority of all possible configurations. Rather than building conveniently-sized boxes to house those transducers, we have chosen to devote our attention to the performance of complete loudspeaker systems. All of our engineering effort is in pursuit of that primary goal.

A poorly-designed loudspeaker will function poorly, regardless of the performance capabilities of the individual components used to make that loudspeaker. By itself, the use of expensive components does not insure that a loudspeaker design will perform well. Developing loudspeakers that are optimized for specific applications is a multi-disciplinary exercise, requiring expertise in the fields of acoustics, electronics, mechanical design, materials science, and production engineering. Our staff brings all these skills to bear, along with a refusal to compromise the performance of the finished product in order to meet an arbitrary price point.

Our product offerings may seem to be relatively few as compared to those of some competitors. Don't be fooled by this: we have simply declined to create every possible combination of the transducers, horns, and enclosures we manufacture and then give each one a part number. We do, however, offer loudspeakers that cover virtually every sound reinforcement application. You can rest assured that every Mitchell Acoustics Research product has a legitimate reason to exist - i.e., it serves a particular type of application better than any of our other products - and that every product has been intelligently engineered and verified to work as intended.


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