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Historical Information

With his partner, Ed May, Jack Frazier began manufacturing loudspeakers ca. 1954 in Dallas, Texas. The  company was known as "Frazier-May" until May took a position with JBL in 1956, at which time the name was changed to Frazier. From that time through the 1970s, Frazier offered consumer hi-fi speakers in addition to its primary line of commercial products. The company operated under Jack's leadership until his death in 1983. It was purchased shortly thereafter by a small group of private investors. This group operated the company until May 1986, when they sold the assets and dissolved Frazier, Inc., as part of a non-competition agreement with the buyer, Sound-Craft Systems, of Morrilton, AR. Sound-Craft moved the operation to Morrilton, Arkansas. Documentation of many of the earlier products was apparently either nonexistent or was simply not provided to the new owners.

Development of the current line of professional audio loudspeakers was begun in 1986 by Jay Mitchell, who had been hired as Senior Engineer by Sound-Craft. That work, which is ongoing, resulted in the present line of products offered by Mitchell Acoustics Research. On March 1, 1998, Frazier Loudspeakers relocated to Dallas, Texas. In April 2013, Mitchell Acoustics Research took over the manufacture and development of Mitchell's loudspeaker designs. At that time, a new operation was set up in Rockwall, Texas, where the company now resides.

We are committed to providing parts and service support for all products manufactured since 1986.

Supplies of replacement parts for all Frazier products manufactured prior to 1986 have been exhausted. Additionally, we cannot supply specifications or valuations for any of those vintage products.


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